The Boss Babe Brunch

You work hard on building a business. So hard, you often get lost in the hustle. It’s time to end this. 

The Boss Babe Brunch brings together Toronto’s bold and unapologetically vulnerable creative community to put their businesses to the side and take time for themselves. Creating space to cultivate authentic relationships with one another and celebrate their diverse lives.

Each brunch event brings something unique and different to the table, whether it’s a unique dining experiences or a motivational conversation with a rockstar community member.


22 Influential + boss guests

200K+ organic impressions

1 bold event

our approach

  • Developed a full experiential event strategy, including itinerary planning, venue sourcing, marketing and promotion management, vendor management, swag bag coordination, and media guest list curation and invitation

  • Coordinated talent and developed interview questions

  • Directed event photography to capture engaging content of the event

  • Managed all day-of event execution including timeline, vendor management, and hosting

our services

  • Experiential Event Management

  • Influencer Management

  • Talent Management

  • Brand Strategy

our results

  • 22 guests in total, connecting and networking during a two hour event

  • Organic Instagram mentions were shared more than 50+ times over the course of the evening, to over 200,000 followers

  • Marketing of the Boss Babe Brunch received almost 300,000 impressions