Forum For Women Entrepreneurs: Bring Your Own Entrepreneur Photography

Where Success Happens.

At FWE, you can jump right in, feel energized and be supported. They dare you to succeed, and support you along the way.

FWE is a Vancouver-based charity that educates, mentors, energizes, and connects women entrepreneurs to be wildly successful, promoting strong economies and thriving communities. They support 650 women entrepreneurs annually, and have a radical plan for growth over the next five years to increase this number to 5,000.

Their Programs and Events are designed to empower women entrepreneurs to overcome barriers and challenges that women face in today’s economy. From learning about raising capital, to developing a pitch, growing one’s HR, sales, leadership skills and more, they support women entrepreneurs leading business at any stage, of any size and industry, anywhere in Canada.

Founded in 2002, FWE has educated, mentored and empowered over 4,500 women entrepreneurs over its 17 year history. 


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