One in Five: Be The Influence Launch

One in five people will experience mental illness.

It has touched all of our lives in one way or another. But the way we talk about mental illness disconnects us from one another and ignores our shared experiences. We need a new way to talk about mental illness.

One in Five Apparel designs simple but powerful conversation starters that empower you to influence change. Are you ready to lead the conversation?


Two 30-second promo clips

1,000 store visitors in first month

100+ pieces of content developed

our approach

  • Developed brand guidelines and key messaging to guide the launch and growth of new apparel line, One in Five Apparel

  • Styled and directed brand photography showcase product line and lifestyle content

  • Developed, directed, and edited video content for multimedia brand experience

  • Mocked-up over 100 in-use product photographs for use in social media content calendar and other promotional items

  • Curated on-going social media calendar for Instagram and Facebook to establish consistent brand presence

  • Managed paid-ad campaign

our services

  • Key Messaging

  • Content Creation

  • Strategy Development and Execution

  • Social Media Management

  • Filming & Editing

  • Content Marketing

  • Brand Development

  • Shopify Store Development

our results

  • Organic Instagram mentions were shared by Canadian influencers including Catherine Fosley (18.8K), CityNews (27.8K)

  • 1,000 visitors to the One in Five e-commerce store within the first month of sales


Megan te Boekhorst

I brought my West Coast soul to the city of Toronto in order to build the creative empire of my dreams. In 2018, I started Sequoia Content Studio, a boutique PR and content agency that supports lifestyle businesses not only tell their story, but ensure it actually gets heard. Just two weeks before the launch, I was honoured to be named PR in Canada's PR Person of the Year. Life has been non-stop ever since.

I live boldly, believe in raw honesty, and value unapologetic vulnerability. Living with depression, I've always had a voice in my head yelling at me, telling me I'm not enough and my work isn't enough. This voice is all too common for creatives. So I'm dedicated to creating authentic content and experiences that empower young creatives to build meaningful businesses, and meaningful lives.

Isn't it time you start living #thesequoialife?