One in Five: Be The Influence Launch

One in five people will experience mental illness.

It has touched all of our lives in one way or another. But the way we talk about mental illness disconnects us from one another and ignores our shared experiences. We need a new way to talk about mental illness.

One in Five Apparel designs simple but powerful conversation starters that empower you to influence change. Are you ready to lead the conversation?


Two 30-second promo clips

1,000 store visitors in first month

100+ pieces of content developed

our approach

  • Developed brand guidelines and key messaging to guide the launch and growth of new apparel line, One in Five Apparel

  • Styled and directed brand photography showcase product line and lifestyle content

  • Developed, directed, and edited video content for multimedia brand experience

  • Mocked-up over 100 in-use product photographs for use in social media content calendar and other promotional items

  • Curated on-going social media calendar for Instagram and Facebook to establish consistent brand presence

  • Managed paid-ad campaign

our services

  • Key Messaging

  • Content Creation

  • Strategy Development and Execution

  • Social Media Management

  • Filming & Editing

  • Content Marketing

  • Brand Development

  • Shopify Store Development

our results

  • Organic Instagram mentions were shared by Canadian influencers including Catherine Fosley (18.8K), CityNews (27.8K)

  • 1,000 visitors to the One in Five e-commerce store within the first month of sales



Empowering women one cup at a time.

For the small wins, goals, milestone achievements, and celebrations Tease Tea has you covered. Tease aims to self empower through your tea desires, while empowering women around the world.


6+ episodes produced

6.6K+ views

6% engagement rate

our approach

  • Knowing video content achieves a 54% increase in brand awareness, we were eager to implement an engaging and consistent video strategy for the Tease Tea brand. TeaseTV was conceived as a way for customers to connect with the brand beyond the product and truly bring to light the key values that motivate the growth and development of the business.

  • Development and production of monthly ‘episodes’ published to the Tease Tea Facebook Page

  • Styled, directed, filmed, and edited video content

  • Curated social media content calendars for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to support the promotion of each episode

our services

  • Content Marketing

  • Content Creation

  • Strategy Development and Execution

  • Filming & Editing

our results

  • 6 episodes produced to date with over 6,000 views total

  • Average engagement rate of 6% per video

  • Tease Tea has been able to partner with micro-influencers to co-host segments, growing their relationships with these like-minded brands and reaching new audiences

The Boss Babe Brunch

You work hard on building a business. So hard, you often get lost in the hustle. It’s time to end this. 

The Boss Babe Brunch brings together Toronto’s bold and unapologetically vulnerable creative community to put their businesses to the side and take time for themselves. Creating space to cultivate authentic relationships with one another and celebrate their diverse lives.

Each brunch event brings something unique and different to the table, whether it’s a unique dining experiences or a motivational conversation with a rockstar community member.


22 Influential + boss guests

200K+ organic impressions

1 bold event

our approach

  • Developed a full experiential event strategy, including itinerary planning, venue sourcing, marketing and promotion management, vendor management, swag bag coordination, and media guest list curation and invitation

  • Coordinated talent and developed interview questions

  • Directed event photography to capture engaging content of the event

  • Managed all day-of event execution including timeline, vendor management, and hosting

our services

  • Experiential Event Management

  • Influencer Management

  • Talent Management

  • Brand Strategy

our results

  • 22 guests in total, connecting and networking during a two hour event

  • Organic Instagram mentions were shared more than 50+ times over the course of the evening, to over 200,000 followers

  • Marketing of the Boss Babe Brunch received almost 300,000 impressions


Forum For Women Entrepreneurs: Bring Your Own Entrepreneur Photography

Where Success Happens.

At FWE, you can jump right in, feel energized and be supported. They dare you to succeed, and support you along the way.

FWE is a Vancouver-based charity that educates, mentors, energizes, and connects women entrepreneurs to be wildly successful, promoting strong economies and thriving communities. They support 650 women entrepreneurs annually, and have a radical plan for growth over the next five years to increase this number to 5,000.

Their Programs and Events are designed to empower women entrepreneurs to overcome barriers and challenges that women face in today’s economy. From learning about raising capital, to developing a pitch, growing one’s HR, sales, leadership skills and more, they support women entrepreneurs leading business at any stage, of any size and industry, anywhere in Canada.

Founded in 2002, FWE has educated, mentored and empowered over 4,500 women entrepreneurs over its 17 year history. 


on-brand event photography

105+ photos provided

3 hour event

our results