Introducing: Targeted Strategies

We don’t know about you, but 2019 has kept us busy so far! We’re expanding our client roster, preparing for a client brand launch, and constantly looking for more opportunities to support our community. This includes the introduction of a new offering: Targeted Services!

In the past six months, we’ve met with a number of entrepreneurs who have wanted to work with us, but have felt restricted whether due to budget or time commitment. And we feel their frustration – these are really cool businesses whose stories we’d be thrilled to amplify! So we began to look into ways in which we could support these businesses in a meaningful way, working with their budget and still providing them a valuable brand boost.

This is how our targeted services came to be: proven strategies that help provide quick boosts and meet short-term goals. Think of them like a Red Bull for your business. If you’re looking to gain an influx of new followers on your social media channels, develop an eye-catching e-commerce store, or improve your content strategy in short and budget-conscious ways, these are the offerings for you.

have your brand mentioned by top influencers

Our influencer collaboration package develops strategic partnerships with at least six targeted influencers over the course of three months. We carefully select niche influencers to feature your product or service on their blogs, vlogs, and social media feeds helping improve your SEO and grow your brand awareness. It includes:

  • collaborations with a minimum 3 nano influencers

  • collaboration with a minimum 2 micro influencers

  • BONUS one-hour media training session

  • A social media audit to help optimize results

This is different than any other influencer partnership package on the market. Where most influencer agencies rely on technology to match your brand to interested influencers, we carefully select the influencer ourselves and send them custom, specific sponsorship pitches to meet the goals of both parties involved.

Get your products online

Are you ready to enter the world of e-commerce? We’re a Shopify Partner, which means we’re best positioned to help you get your Shopify store up-and-running in the most efficient, on-brand way! Reach a greater audience and see an increase in sales in no time. We’ll make sure your store is optimized for customer satisfaction. This package includes helping set brand direction and user experience flow. We can even add-on photography packages and copywriting to ensure your online store launches with a bang.

Get a second opinion

Ready to up your content game but not yet in a position to bring on a team to manage it? We’ll evaluate your current content and strategy to provide a report on what’s working, what isn’t, and tangible steps you can easily take to improve your content strategy. Walk away with confidence in knowing your content is working for you, not against you.

Ready to take the first step in rejuvenating your brand? Book a call to learn more about our targeted strategies. Looking for other services that help boost your business? Email us and we’ll see if we can put together the right package for you!