3 types of photography all businesses need

For many businesses, quality brand photography and other marketing expenses tend to fall in the nice-to-have column.

However, no matter what type of business you run, good photography can help you elevate your brand and attract your ideal customer.

More than ever, visual content is critical in your branding and marketing strategy. Biologically speaking, the brain is hardwired to respond to visuals far better than copy. Not only do humans understand visual information quicker, we are also more likely to remember visuals over the written word.

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to shooting for your business, here are the three types of photos every brand needs and why.

Product or Service Photography

The most basic need for any business is photography of your products or services. However, the approach to your photos differs depending on which category you fall under, so let’s break it down.

Product Photography

Whether you have an e-commerce store or a physical shop, you will need images of your products. They can be utilized in media requests, lookbooks, marketing campaigns, business planning or on social media. The most basic product shots use a clean, white background. Examples of these include clothing e-retailers like Vancouver Fashion Truck or Maya Mia Handcrafted Soap Bars.

Service Photography

One mistake service-based businesses often make is thinking they don’t need photographs. However, just like with products, professional photos can be useful for media, public relations, marketing, social media, business planning, as well as web design and other collateral.

These images can be used to motivate potential customers, like with fitness studio Train Like Heroes, or to help clarify what makes your business unique, such as with zero-waste grocery store Nada.

When planning your service photography shoot, focus on the unique value your service brings and ask yourself how it can be captured in photos.

For instance, do you offer environmentally-friendly commercial cleaning services? Capture the team at work and the products they use. Are you an accountant that helps small businesses figure out their taxes? Snap some shots of a client meeting in a friendly environment where the client has a smile on their face – because you make taxes so simple it actually makes your customers happy!

Lifestyle Photography

Different from product and service photography, lifestyle photography speaks to the impact your business will have on your customer’s life. These are aspirational images that convey the feeling and life your customers want to have – and will have thanks to your business.

A great example of lifestyle photography can be seen on the Tease Tea Instagram feed. Some photos clearly show the product just in the background, and others have no branded product at all. However, both images convey a moment Tease Tea customers aspire to have in their lives.

Team Photography

Customers want to know the faces behind the brand. Whether you have an about page on your website or share team photos on social media, headshots of individual team members and group photos can be a great addition to your brand photography.

There are many other ways businesses can utilize photos in their storytelling and public relations activities, such as event photography or blog graphics. Nevertheless, product/service, lifestyle and team photography are the most basic photographic elements that should be considered for every brand.

Originally published on the Futurpreneur Canada blog.

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