4 reasons small businesses need to think about their PR

Small business owners have a lot on their mind. Every element of the business demands their full attention multiple times per day. It can make it difficult to prioritize, or to know where it’s best to contract out.

When deciding what to manage themselves or when to bring in an expert, one thing business owners need to carefully consider is their public relations. Often considered a ‘nice to have’ or a lower priority, many entrepreneurs neglect their PR to focus on other aspects of their business. This can be harmful to any small business, especially in the long run.

Here are four reasons small businesses need to think about their PR, no matter the priorities.

1. Catch the eye of new customers

PR is a great tactic to catch the eye of potential new customers in an organic and meaningful way. From working with bloggers to profile your product or service to being featured on your regional morning show, influencers have a dedicated audience that general marketing can’t obtain on its own.

Influencer features don’t have to be separate from your marketing campaigns to attract new customers. In fact, they should work hand-in-hand to convey the same key messaging. This will strengthen the story you’re promote to the world, and help keep you top-of-mind for new customers.

Because let’s be honest, we all have insanely busy lives. If we only hear something once, we aren’t likely to remember it. Repetition is key in drawing in someone new.

2. Establish trust and credibility with your customers

No matter what industry you’re in, you’re working in a saturated market. Everyone claims to be the best, or executes outrageous marketing campaigns to get the attention of their target audience. It’s no wonder customers are skeptical, no matter who they are.

But when your target market begins to hear about how wonderful and awesome your business is from a source they know, love, and trust? That’s going to make your business stand out. It will add a level of trust to your brand in the eyes of your customers, both new and old. And it helps build brand credibility for the long-term.

3. Be positioned to grow into new markets

Looking to grow and expand your business can be a terrifying venture. It feels like you’re starting from scratch, and in a way you are. You’ll have to reestablish the brand messaging and values you already infused into your current community.

But if your business has seen success in PR, especially if you’ve been featured by influencers whose audience expands into your new markets, you have already laid a groundwork for your business to build off of. The seeds of trust and credibility are already there – and more PR can be leveraged to help it grow!

4. Be better prepared in case a crisis hits

No matter the size or scope of your business, a communications crisis can happen to you. This is not meant to scare you at all, but it is something that needs to be considered by all business owners. What would you do if a crisis happened?

No matter what, a communications crisis is going to hurt, and it will be hard to come out of. But establishing strong brand messaging through PR tactics before it happens is going to best set-up your business to come out of a crisis smoothly. And your PR team won’t have to start from nothing when executing their crisis communications.

There are many benefits to having a PR team supporting your business goals. But all business owners need to take these four aspects into careful consideration when making decisions on what to prioritize and what to resource out on.

Megan te Boekhorst

I brought my West Coast soul to the city of Toronto in order to build the creative empire of my dreams. In 2018, I started Sequoia Content Studio, a boutique PR and content agency that supports lifestyle businesses not only tell their story, but ensure it actually gets heard. Just two weeks before the launch, I was honoured to be named PR in Canada's PR Person of the Year. Life has been non-stop ever since.

I live boldly, believe in raw honesty, and value unapologetic vulnerability. Living with depression, I've always had a voice in my head yelling at me, telling me I'm not enough and my work isn't enough. This voice is all too common for creatives. So I'm dedicated to creating authentic content and experiences that empower young creatives to build meaningful businesses, and meaningful lives.

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